Using a mortgage broker in Liverpool can help you to gain a firm understanding of the mortgage process, meaning that you can make an informed decision when it comes to choosing a mortgage.

Mortgage brokers have a solid understanding of the entire mortgage process and the market, meaning that they can assist you in all things mortgages, from general enquiries to completing applications.

It can be overwhelming and stressful buying a home, whether you’re a first-time buyer or a landlord of many. There’s also plenty of paperwork that comes with mortgages, and we can help to guide you through it, streamlining the process from start to finish.

Why Use A Mortgage Broker In Liverpool?

One of the main reasons that people go through mortgage brokers is to get the best rates. Mortgage brokers deal with both specialist and high street lenders on a daily basis, and therefore are able to secure great deals.

A mortgage broker can also help to set your expectations to avoid disappointment further down the line, and help you to explore what options are available to you. This makes the process a whole lot less daunting and turns it into an exciting process instead.

It can be difficult managing your finances and setting a budget, but with the help of a mortgage broker, it’s much easier. Mortgage brokers can help a vision become a reality – they’ll take the time to understand your finances and personal circumstances, and then help you to arrange the best mortgage for you.

You can also simply ask a mortgage broker in Liverpool for advice and general enquiries instead of having them help you through each step of the process. After all, it’s always best to ask an expert if you’re unsure.

Mortgage Broker Liverpool

Mortgage Broker Liverpool

Liverpool is a hub for real estate, with countless different residential opportunities in every one of Liverpool’s districts, and the surrounding areas.

In one quick walk in Liverpool, you’ll come across a wide variety of buildings – a mixture of historic buildings as well as modern and new builds, and plenty of shared ownership opportunities.

Being local to the area, we have extensive knowledge of the Liverpool real estate market and the finance scene and can help you put your foot in the door or build your property portfolio.

We have a relationship with over 50 lenders in the area, so we have the best chance of getting you a great deal on your mortgage rates.

The mortgage market is constantly changing, but we can keep you informed on all the latest happenings as well as let you know all the new happenings that could impact your house-buying journey.

How Can LTC Mortgages Help You?

At LTC Mortgages, we can help you find the right mortgage for you – whether you’re a first-time buyer or you plan on remortgaging or buying to let.

We can also help you find the best protection for you. Whether you need a quality life insurance plan, critical illness cover, income protection, or building and contents insurance, we’ve got you covered and can help you find the perfect plan.

First-Time Buyers

If you plan on purchasing your first home, we can help you access the best mortgage rates. We can also help you understand the Help to Buy Scheme. It can be stressful stepping onto the property ladder for the first time, but we can guide you every step of the way.


Instead of having to settle for your current lender’s SVR (standard variable rate) once current mortgage deal end, we can help you find the best rates for you.

Whether you’re looking for better interest rates or something more flexible, we have access to information to the whole of the market, so can find you the perfect mortgage rate.

As well as finding you the best rates, we can help you avoid any unnecessary fees and charges, saving you time, energy, and money.


If you plan on purchasing a house to rent out to tenants, then we can help you find the right buy-to-let mortgage.

You may think that buy-to-let mortgages would be the same as regular mortgages, but this isn’t the case – there are typically higher lender fees and the interest rates and deposit will differ to regular homes.

At LTC Mortgages, we can steer you in the right direction and take care of the tedious paperwork on your behalf, saving you time, energy, and money. We can also take care of insurance matters, offering products from a wide range of insurers for various things.


Who says that being self-employed should limit your mortgage options? If you’re self-employed, we can help you find the best mortgage rates.

We’ll assess your income and take the time to listen to what you’re looking for in a home, and help you on the right track. Typically, you’ll need to provide lenders with two years worth of proof of income.

Whether you’re a sole trader, partner, or director, we can streamline the mortgage process for you and remove all the hassle.

Shared Ownership

A shared ownership mortgage may be just the thing for you if you’re struggling to save for a deposit. Instead of purchasing the property outright, you only purchase a share of the property – typically between 25% and 75%.

It’s essentially a part-buy part-rent scheme that can help you get your foot on the property ladder. You’ll pay the mortgage on your share of the property while paying rent on the rest. You simply need to pay a 5% deposit towards the home, and you’ll have a share!

We can help you understand the process and give you all the advice you need about the shared ownership mortgage process, so you can make the best choice for yourself and your circumstances.

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